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A memorable logo is important, however, a brand is more than a logo. Your brand is the emotion behind what someone feels and sees when they interact with your company.
As a result, your brand becomes your business’ personality. It’s important to identify what your brand stands for. What is the story behind it? What are your goals for your brand? What about your brand mission? If those first few questions seem daunting, it’s okay!
This questionnaire will help you with the brainstorming. (will also help you coming up with content for your website, fine-tuning your elevator pitch, etc. so it’s a useful exercise beyond the limits of your logo design)

So let’s get started:

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What colors do you want to represent your brand? Start by asking yourself these six questions: 1. Gender: Is my brand traditionally masculine or feminine? 2. Tone: Is my brand playful or serious? 3. Value: Is my brand luxurious or affordable? 4. Time: Is my brand modern or classic? 5. Age: Is my brand youthful or mature? 6. Energy: Is my brand loud or subdued?
E.g. enthusiastic, fun, welcoming, elegant, classic, sophisticated, etc.
How do you want people to perceive your brand? (Market Positioning)
Thinking about the potential emotions of your audience E.g. Excited and invigorated? Calm and relaxed?
What is your preferred deadline?
What is your preferred deadline?
Do you need professional marketing materials to promote your business or services?